The work surface product sold here is a product manufactured from timber that has completed
its lifecycle and would otherwise be disposed of as waste.




The Natural Element of the Company's structure is sound environmental practice, acting as a
safeguard for our customer's future; for the company's future; and our personal future.

To trade in timber from environmentally damaging extraction would have a negative effect
on our customers and ourselves.

Our aims, therefore, are:

  • To operate within a short chain between forest and consumption, in order to enhance
    awareness, together with maintaining responsibility of origin.

  • To train our staff, directly or indirectly employed, nationally or internationally, to be fully
    knowledgeable of the Company's requirements as regards environmental practices.

  • To purchase timber, the origin being of forest areas that are managed on a basis of
    sound regeneration.

  • To purchase from suppliers of Timber we know maintain their own, fundamentally sound,
    environment policies, in order that our customers have total assurance in utilising an
    environmentally friendly product.

  • To full comply with legal obligations of EUTR on all those placing timber or timber products
    on the European market for the first time; to conduct due diligence (DD) on these products
    to minimise the risk that they are from illegal sources.

  • To ensure all our suppliers, as a minimum, ensure compliance with all statutory requirements
    relevant to their sources, processes and products.

  • To be able to educate prospective suppliers into extraction practices which will meet with our

  • To have all our supplies of timber, where practical, to be certified by the year 2014, as to the
    Chain of Custody of the source of supply.

Norex was founded on sound environmental standards and has therefore an Environmental Policy
as an integral part of the Company's Business Strategy. Norex has not needed to adopt an
environmental policy.

11th January 2000 - Norex Environment Officer - D. C. Judd

Updated 2014