October 1st, 2014



A JUICER Charger– the Natural accessory for the Work surface


Walton on the Hill,  1st October, 2014– “When I arrive at the Office, or return home, or indeed go out to a Restaurant, Café, or Bar the first thing I do is put my mobile on the desk, table, or Work surface.  I will probably have to hunt around for the Mobile‘s charger to plug in.

Wait. Couldn’t I just place my Mobile on the desk, table or worktop close to a hidden wireless charger embedded into the furniture?”

Simplicity, clean lines and a worktop as you wanted it – not one strewn with wires and plugs all over the place.

Coming soon…..Juicer Wireless Charging Hardwood Worktops.


A new product that refines and redefines the experience of charging your phone. Exceeding the most stringent consumer requirements, an innovative and truly wireless charger, the Juicer has been developed which can be embedded into the Worktop, so it rests just below the surface. Comfort and convenience inserted into the Desk or Worktop. With the ever increasing demand for power and charging, wherever you go this innovation can be available to you in the Office, Kitchen, Restaurant, Waiting room, Hotel, Shop, Bedside table and many other environments using Solid Hardwood Worktops. The built in Juicermobile phone charger eliminates the tangled mess of wires and plugs. The Mobile is simply placed on the surface above the charging point and it will quietly and discreetly charge away.



The Juicer can be built in to the furniture at the time of fitting. There needs to be an Electrical socket underneath the worktop. An 80mm hole is cut into the wood leaving 3mm of the surface of the wood. The Juicer charger is then inserted into the hole and held in place with the tightening of two simple screws. Hence the Juicer Charger will be invisible from the top, thereby maintaining the desired surface for normal usage.

The Juicer Charger offers the lowest thermal performance possible and is based on the Qi system of Wireless charging. Necessary is to have a Mobile (eg many Samsungs, Google Nexus, LG G3 and Nokia Lumia 930) which has the receiver built into the phone; alternatively some mobiles  (eg iPhone 5) will need a cover that has the receiver built in and connected to the mobile.

Currently but growing in number are over 500 products and companies registered as Qi certified, a list and further information can be seen at

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- Imaginative - Inspirational – Inexpensive

 Hardwood Worktops now with added Ingenuity